Monday, October 18, 2010

Korn Concert in Zurich

So I am back.  Well, I came back a couple of weeks ago, but factor in visits from family, unpacking, job hunting and slothing, I just found some time now while number one is eating her breakfast.  Switzerland was good, but, in typical me fashion, one of my favourite things was heading to Zurich and catching the Korn concert there.  Sure, Switzerland offers mountains and chocolate and people walking around with cow bells, but it also offered at the time that we were there a Korn concert, which I had to go to.  The show was a place called the Volkshaus, which was a little ballroom that housed about 1500 people, which was awesome because it was an intimate set.  It was a completely different experience, they allow beer and alcohol on the concert floor, which in Canada anyways never happens, and they also handed out ear plugs at the door (which was good because I forgot mine, since I promised that I would wear some to the next show I was going to after the Slayer concert).

Korn has gone through a few line up changes for the past few years.  Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch left the band after finding god in 2005, and drummer David Silveria left in 2006 to focus or his restaurants.  David has subsequently been replaced by Drummer Ray Luzier.  But anyway, enough of the back story.

The open act was a band called Dimmu Borgir, which is a Norwegian black metal band.  Now, I was just as excited to see Dimmu Borgir as I was to see Korn.

I have been a fan of them for quite some time now, and always wanted to see what they were like as a live band.  They incorporate pipe organs and symphonies to their music, and most recently a choir.  Very interesting type of stuff, but definitely not everyone’s taste in music.  They were a pretty good live band, loud and head-bangy, but their music doesn't really have the mosh factor to it.  There isn't a lot of rhythm to the guitars, just loud and fast.  They were cool to see live, and I would likely see them again given the chance, but not the best I have seen.  Here is a video of theirs that shows what type of music they play.

Korn came on and played around a 90 minute set.  Because the show was in such a small venue, there weren't many theatrics that I have seen at the other Korn shows I have attended in Toronto, but that wasn't even an issue.  They blazed through songs from all of their albums, and strangely only playing one song, Let the Guilt Go, from their newest album.  They opened with Here to Stay, from 5th album Untouchables, which was different from other times where they have opened with lead track from their debut album, Blind.

As with all the other times that I have seen Korn, the energy was high in the crowd.  Lots of pogo-ing and moshing but no one getting stupid or getting hurt.  The encore was great, because Jonathan came out playing the bag pipes to start of Shoots and Ladder, which led into Metallica cover One.  (Great to hear them play One, but even better to hear Metallica play it themselves).  Great show.  I love Korn.  I recommend for anyone to go and see them if even if you only have the slightest interest in them.  After seeing them live, you would love them.  They are a great live band.

Some final notes.  Yes, I wore ear plugs.  It was the first time that I did ever at a show.  My hearing is in the shitter as it is, and a promise is a promise and I wore them.  Surprisingly, it was worth it because I could actually hear the next day.  Also, a friend of mine (J)  turned me onto Korn when Follow the Leader came out, and I am happy about that.  Finally, in no way should Korn be considered Nu-metal.  Just because they have rhythm and beats doesn't mean that they are nu-metal.  They don't rap in their songs, they rhyme.  And if rhyming is a criteria for nu-metal then nearly all acts should be considered n-metal.