Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sucks

Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

You suck.  Plain and simple.  Most of this years inductees are a slap in the face of what rock and roll is.  Does Alice Cooper deserve to be in the hall of fame?  Yes, certianly.  Does Neil Diamond...perhaps.  I guess he could be rock n' roll.  Does Leon Russel deserve to be inducted?  Who in the blue hell is Leon Russel?!

I mean really, things were starting to really look up in 2009 when Metallica, Jeff Beck and even Run DMC were inducted.  In 2010, there was Genesis and The Stooges.  Two acts that deserve to be inducted into a ROCK HALL OF FAME!  But where the hell is Rush?  Red Hot Chili Peppers?  KISS? You are telling me that Dr. John and Darlene Love deserve to be in the Rock hall of fame more than the above mentioned three acts.  The worst is that a "little known" publication, "Rolling Stone Magazine" even stated that the Chili Peppers were front runners for induciton.  The irony is that Rolling Stone is owned by Jann Wenner, who is also the Charman for the Hall of Fame.

Now, I know that lesser known acts and such deserve some recognition, but does Rush really not deserve to be in the same class as Genesis, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin?  Do the Chili Peppers not deserve to be in the same class as Metallica?  It is a freaking injustice!

I hate you, hall of fame!